Going Raw: Friday


Sliced pineapple; Pecans; Protoid nuts; Evaporated Apples; Dates

I feel like the menu writers of Uncooked Foods began to run out of steam by the end of the week.  I ate dried apples from Russ & Daughters, most of my remaining pecans, and sliced pineapple.

Uncooked Foods is a big supporter of Fletcherizing: chewing you food at least 30 times per bite.  Try it sometime; you’ll find that every mouthful  disintegrates into a disgusting puddy, the taste and texture of which will make you spit it back out.


Apples; Pecans; English Walnuts; Lettuce; Sweet Butter; Unfired wafers; Dates; Fruit and Nut medley; Milk
All packed up for lunch at work.  My coworkers have been incredibly supportive and interested.


Oranges; Protoid Nuts; Black walnuts; ripe olives; sliced tomatoes; unfired wafers; cream cheese; prune whip with whipped cream; figs; milk +Hazelnuts
On this plate, you see my rather meager dinner; I felt so hungry and unsatisfied that I followed up by devouring a container of cream cheese and banana chips.  I was just so hungry.  And that’s what I got to eat while my boyfriend made a hamburger.
Now that I’m in the home stretch, it is getting harder.  I miss bread!  I’ve already decided what my first meal will be on Sunday: a bagel with cream cheese and a hot cup of tea with milk and sugar.

2 thoughts on “Going Raw: Friday

  1. I totally caved Friday and had Chipotle for lunch. I was so hungry and needed something to stick to my gut. I noticed that Wed and Sat dinners are much more hearty so I think that’s how the authors were able to maintain this lifestyle. I did not have time on Wed evening to prepare a larger meal (also the point where I noticed being more hungry). I’m still going to finish out the week eating raw but I just hit a point where I needed a little more.

    • Dude, I hear ya. I ate a half pint of cream cheese! I can’t believe i made it to the end without any serious infractions. I’m proud of you!

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