The History Dish: Apple and Pickle Salad

And finally, recipes from Lower East Side Pickle Day. LESPD is a BFD–tons of people and vendors turn out to nosh and pretty much the entire Lower East Side smells like brine.  I represented the Tenement Museum and passed out some free samples of Apple and Pickle Salad from a 1905 recipe.  It tastes as bizarre as it sounds; at least I think so.  But the people loved it and wanted to buy it by the pint; they were devastated when I told them it was not for sale (ladies, if you’re out there, I’ll still make it for you! email me!)

So, here’s the recipe instead.  Make it for your next potluck and shock your friends.  I’ve also included a few cool pickling recipes from the first Kosher cookbook to be published in America, Jewish Cookery Book (1871).  If anyone gives those a try, I’d love to hear about it.  The pickled peaches sound delish.

2 thoughts on “The History Dish: Apple and Pickle Salad

  1. Yumm Pickles…. The eggs are what sound the strangest in the apple and pickle recipe. I have made pickled grapes with the a recipe very like the pickled peaches recipe and they came out really interesting. The main thing was to use Apple Cider Vinegar instead of While Vinegar.

  2. I’ve make pickled peaches, cantaloupe, and watermelon rind. They tasted good in progress; I haven’t opened up any jars yet. The vinegar fumes were pretty potent during cooking, as I recall. One tip I got from an older lady was to use clove oil instead of cloves to keep the finished product from discoloring.

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