5 thoughts on “The Gallery: Cover Me in Corn Syrup!

  1. No matter how much bad press HFCS gets, I’ll never stop making my grandmother’s recipe for candied yams made with Karo!

  2. I didn’t realize until college that my family had bizarre pancake habits. We always had two kinds of corn syrup on hand, light and dark, and that was the syrup for your pancakes. The whole family had chosen sides in the dark/light syrup battleground. Turns out we were just gross. (I think the habit came from my maternal grandmother, who also worked as a cafeteria lady in a high school for a long time. Gotta love school lunch.)

  3. Nesson: blech. Although, commercial “maple syrup” is just flavored corn syrup, so maybe you weren’t that gross, just honest with yourselve. I say give me a pour of the real stuff anyday.

  4. Karo is not HFCS. Karo, a corn syrup, is mostly dextrose, with some dextrin, but no (or not much) fructose. Fructose is the controversial part of HFCS, which stands for “high-fructose corn syrup.” Karo is not high fructose corn syrup.

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