The Best Laid Cookie Plans

I’ve been kicking around the idea of selling baked good inspired by historic recipes, but I yet to find an appropriate venue. In the meantime, I need to test some recipes. Here’s a list of cookies I’m going to attempt:

Almond and Rosewater Macaroons

Mexican Chocolate Macaroons – Based off of the earliest known recipe for chocolate used in baking.
Kisses– Lemon meringue filled with cranberry jelly.
Jumbles – A spiced cookie made with mace and lemon.
Caraway cakes – Flavored with ground caraway seeds.
Cream Short Bread – A rich cookie, good for tea, made with sweet cream
Cayenne Ginger Bread
And if these sell alright, I’ll experiment with more recipes. Keep an eye out for my recipe tests in the coming weeks, and I’ll let you know when and where I’ll be selling my wares!