Pre-Order My Book: Eight Flavors!


My very first book is in presale, ready to wing its way to your hands on December 6th, 2016!

Eight Flavors: The Untold Story of American Cuisine looks at the eight most popular flavors in American cooking as a way to define American food–and the American people. Moving chronologically through our history,  I explore black pepper, vanilla, curry powder, chili powder, soy sauce, garlic, MSG, and Sriracha. But this book is really about people, the folks who have shaped American food over time; and these are people that don’t normally get a page in our history books: blacks, women, immigrants. There’s Edmond Albius, a twelve-year-old slave, who discovered the technique still used to pollinate vanilla orchids today. And David Tran, the Vietnamese refugee who created Sriracha to support his family.

This book has got it all! There’s gorgeous illustrations (by Peter Van Hyning):



Fun facts:


And tempting recipes:


Let’s face it: I’ve just made your Holiday shopping a snap. You can buy the book here.


Thank you in advance for reading, and thank you for being fans, followers and readers–it’s because of you that this project has come to fruition!

2 thoughts on “Pre-Order My Book: Eight Flavors!

  1. Hi Ms. Lohman
    I reviewed your great book for NetGalley and added it to Goodreads today. (You got 5 stars from me!) I really enjoyed reading the ARC. I learned a lot and will be trying recipes and Sriracha in the near future. My first purchase will be Accent. I’m back on the MSG wagon because of your book. I found your blog through the book and just added it to my Feedly feed. Thanks for a really enjoyable and informative book.

  2. Betty– my sincerest thanks for not only reading but taking to the to write a review! I’m so glad you enjoyed it–but I’m even more pleased you took it as a call to action to try some of these flavors and use them in more ways! You’ve really just made my day.

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