Podcast: Cooking with Illicit Substances

One more in the podcast bonanza! Whilst Masters of Social Gastronomy is on our summer break (we’ll be back next month with the history & science of soda) I give you ILLICIT SUBSTANCES.

On this week’s Masters of Social Gastronomy podcast, we’ll look at the culinary world’s experiments with illicit substances.

Let’s get high with the Victorians! From patent medicines to absinthe, Coca-Cola to laughing gas, we’ll look at all the forms of socially acceptable substance abuse during the 19th century.

Later, we’ll fast-forward to modern-day America, and explore the little known true history of the pot brownie. We’ll survey the range of altered-state culinary concoctions and see what both science and chefs have to say about creating the most effective epicurean euphoria.

11 thoughts on “Podcast: Cooking with Illicit Substances

  1. Hi – for some reason this is showing up on the feed with a date of June 24th, so it isn’t automatically loading for people with an iTunes subscription.

    • I mean, you can download it manually, but if anyone’s like me and was wondering “wait, there’s a new podcast, why isn’t it showing up on my feed,” that’s why.

    • Hey, thank you for the heads up! I know why that happened, but there’s no clean fix. I’m uploading a fresh version now that will load for Itunes subscribers. I sincerely appreciate you letting me know!

      • Oh, thanks, I actually just went back and manually downloaded the other one. Is it the exact same one or does the fresh version have “bonus content”? :-) If they’re dupes I’ll delete one.

  2. A small niggle, but the fact that you use Soundcloud makes it very difficult to share via tools such as Huffduffer. It is still possible, just not very easy.

      • I host my own on Amazon S3 but that may be more work than you want. I cannot personally recommend any others, but I have heard good things about Libsyn and there is also Blubrry, which makes it easy to integrate with WP.

        There may also be settings you can fiddle with on Soundcloud, but I don’t use it so I don’t know.

        • I’ve solved your problem. Twice!

          First of all, if you ever want to save a Soundcloud sound to Huffduff, you can do it if it’s a downloadable sound, like our podcast. Right click the download button and save the link. Then paste the link in the “huffduff it” page and it works like a charm.

          But to make things even easier, I’ve started an MSGPodcast Huffduff page: http://huffduffer.com/MSGPodcast

          • Wow! Thanks for your efforts. I’ve added your Huffduffer to my collective, making it really easy for me to keep up.

            The Soundcloud kludge I had been aware of; just lazy to the core.

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