More Media Coverage

I am blowing up all over the place this week.  Well–at least here in NYC.

I’m making two appearances this week on the Heritage Radio Network, a wonderful, food-focused, internet radio station based out of New York.  Tomorrow from Noon-12:30, I’ll be chatting with Linda Pelaccio on “A Taste of the Past.”  Listen live at

And I’ll be back on Heritage Radio on Sunday, from 3:30-4:00 on “We Dig Plants” for a special show on pear cultivation, featuring a few recipes from my library.

If you miss the live broadcasts of either of these show, they are archived online.

And I’ll also be on local NYC  TV on “Food Curated” by Liza Deguia : NYC life (Channel 25) Thursday at 9pm; replaying Saturday at 12:30 and next Thursday at 12:30.  This is the televised version of the video I shot with Liza last year.

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