Meatless Loaf and other "Great" Depression Era Recipes

When I pick an historic era to recreate in recipes, I don’t usually pick a time when people are starving to death. So I was surprised to stumble upon several Great Depression cooking shows on You Tube. The most notable is Great Depression Cooking with Clara, a 92 year old grandmother who cooks recipes from her youth. The show mostly involves potatoes and stories about how awful the Depression was. With the economy the way it is, maybe this is good information to know.

Egg Drop Soup

Poor Man’s Meal (This one seems pretty delicous. Fried potatoes and hot dogs? Hell yeah.)

These two boys are making “Meatless Loaf” for a class project. It’s a concoction inspired by The Grapes of Wrath that involves peanuts, rice, and cottage cheese.