Events: Gin! (and meat) Waffles! (and cookies)

I know I’ve been all blah blah blah this event, blah blah that event.  But spring is a good time for cookin’, and I’ve got just two more events in New York before I take my summer break!

Firstly, Gin in June is tomorrow night!  It will feature four gins in four historic cocktails: The Gin Sling, The Martinez, The Bronx Cocktail, and the Gin Fizz.  We’ll also serve 1880s bar food: pig’s feet, ham, roast beef, and tongue; as well as bread, the most delicious fresh butter, strawberries, and fresh greens.

So get you tickets before they sell out! Purchase tickets here.

Then on Saturday, I’m going to be at the Wyckoff House in Brooklyn for their annual Kinderdag Festival: making waffles over and open fire and baking orange and caraway cookies (the weather will be cooler on Saturday).  So bring the kids to help me make some sweet treats, as well as participate in games, other events, and get a tour of the historic house.

4 thoughts on “Events: Gin! (and meat) Waffles! (and cookies)

  1. No worries… I like hearing about these events, although they’re far away from me and impossible to attend. Still, I can dream!

    [I thought you were going to discuss gin and meat WAFFLES, so my dreaming was a bit confused.]

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