Hudson Made: Salt of the Earth

salt3Home-made salt, crystallized in a baking pan.

Have you ever wondered where salt comes from?  There it is, cheap as dirt, on our grocery store shelf–but how is it produced?  And where? Was it as easy to nab in Colonial America?  I’ve been pondering over these questions recently, so I decided to find out; as well as make my own salt from a local New York waters near Coney Island.

And then—I kid you not—I had salt. Big, beautiful crystals along the bottom and sides of the pan. Although I knew it was science, it seemed like magic. A half-liter of liquid yielded approximately two tablespoons of salt. Will I be using it to top my salted caramel sundae or to encrust my grass-fed steak? Absolutely not—do you have any idea what they dump in the waters around New York City?

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