Audio: Food and The Written Word

On a recent chilly evening, while the sun set over the 7x train somewhere in Queens, I descended from the rattling train track platform to meet with  Autumn of Autumn Makes and Does.  The result: two episodes of the Alphabet Soup Podcast, a weekly show on “food & words.”  Both parts of my interview are below for your listening pleasure.


Part 1: We define Historic Gastronomy, analyze drinking like a Colonial American, realize recipes are precious artifacts, and are amazed by how old veganism is.

Click here to listen to Episode 7: Sarah Lohman, Part 1

Part 2: Wherein we speak upon the original Christmas cookies, the most beautiful apple pie recipe, the perils of cooking moose mouffles (or, how the Meat Hook failed my in my time of need), making hamburger helper with ground antelope, and how to make you own cocktail bitters.

Click here to listen to Episode 8: Sarah Lohman, Part 2